Wolfblood Season 2 will have 13 episodes

Wolfblood’s German co-producer ZDF has confirmed Season two will have 13 episodes in its autumn merchandising newsletter. Here is a translation of the front cover story on its newsletter, apologies for any (German-t0-English) misspelling.

“With an exciting and thrilling
ZDF Enterprises program opens in
Pre-teens range a new topic!
The adventure series is about so-called
“Wolfsblütlern”, the wolf nor man
include, but are more or less arbitrarily
between the two forms of existence-wech
clauses can. These Wolfsblütler
Superkräfte, as they are eerie
Lich fast and strong and have been very-
coined sense.
Protagonist of the new series is Maddy,
actually just a normal 13-jähriges
Girls, only one of them different from
their peers: through their veins
Wolf blood flows. The transformation of
a man in a wolf blood takes
is 14th from the Years. To-safety
majority of Wolfsblütler preserve applies under
them a stricter code: No person shall
learn of their existence or even their
Transformation experience. The fact
that the transformation verfängliche
in stressful situations or under
special tension takes brings
Wolfsblütler in the often threatening
Situations …
Maddy actually ordered life dramatically enhance gerat
out of balance, as Rhydian in their class
comes. He brings the quiet small town life
dramatically enhance off track: He is fascinated by the girl
sees in the class, Maddy’s best friend Tom
it immediately as competitors and the class
anführer feels from the first moment
Rhydian provoked. Only Maddy realizes what
it with him has: He is just like them,
a wolf blood! A thrilling adventure-
expensive to friendship, trust
and the search for their own
Identity begins.
“Wolf Blood” is a Kopro-
production of ZDF, ZDF
Enterprises and the CBBC
and starts with the beginning of 2013
13 x 26 ‘episodes at Kika.
Another 13 episodes are
already being planned…”

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3 Responses to Wolfblood Season 2 will have 13 episodes

  1. wolfblood says:

    when will s2 strt

  2. Amy says:

    where can i watch wolfblood

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